• What You Need To Know Before Getting A Labradoodle

    What You Need to Know Before Getting a Labradoodle

    A Labrador is a loyal dog that unconditionally loves its owners. Known for retrieving waterfowl and other game animals, these dogs are calm and gentle pets. This breed of puppies has a sense of affection and a desire to please…

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  • Why is My Dog Not Coming Into Heat?

    Female dogs will go into their first heat cycle between 6 and 12 months of age. A dog that does not come into heat is missing out on one of the most important aspects of her life. Heat cycles allow…

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  • Abnormal Heat in Dogs

    8 Types of Abnormal Heat in Dogs

    Abnormal heat in dogs is a common reproductive problem female dogs go through, especially those under 2 years. Abnormalities in the sexual cycle of bitches vary, which is not only frustrating to pet owners but also a major challenge for…

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  • What to Do When Your Dog is in Heat

    What to Do When Your Dog is in Heat

    When your dog is in heat, it’s going to be messy and uncomfortable for both you and the dog. Your furry friend will undergo a period of bleeding, behavioral changes, and hormonal fluctuation. This is the time your pet needs…

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  • How to Care for a Dog in Heat

    10 Ways to Care for a Dog in Heat

    If you’re a dog owner, then you know that female dogs go into heat once every few months. When a female dog is in heat she requires more care and attention. As a pet owner, you often have to worry…

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  • Dog in Heat is Bleeding Too Long

    7 Reasons Why a Dog in Heat is Bleeding Too Long

    There are many signs that indicate a female dog is in heat, one of them being the blood-tinged vaginal discharge. This often happens during the proestrus phase and the first few days of the estrus phase (although in most breeds…

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  • Signs a Dog is Dying of Cancer

    6 Signs a Dog is Dying of Cancer (Ways You Can Help)

    Dogs are among the most loved pets we keep at home. We cherish them and enjoy their company, but our hearts break when they’re diagnosed with cancer. Cancer is a frightening disease, and it can be tough to see our…

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  • Common Behaviors of a Female Dog in Heat

    7 Common Behaviors of a Female Dog in Heat

    Any pet owner who keeps an unspayed female dog has at some point witnessed their lovely family friend go into heat, or if it’s a female puppy then soon you will have to deal with the inevitable. Female dogs go…

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  • is it illegal to bury my dog in my backyard

    Can I Bury My Dog in My Backyard? (State by State Laws)

    Are you allowed to bury your dog in your backyard? Which states allow the home burial of pets and what are the regulations you're expected to follow?

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  • Reasons to Put Your Dog Down

    7 Reasons to Put Your Dog Down (Plus Ways to Cope)

    We will highlight 7 reasons to put your dog down, how to cope with putting a dog down, how to say your final goodbyes and a checklist of when to put your dog down.

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