Copulatory Tie in Dogs: Why Do Dogs Get Stuck During Mating

During the mating process in dogs, the male and female dogs will get stuck together for a period of time and turn their rare ends to each other. This process is called the tie or copulatory tie and lasts for about 15-20 minutes. While it may seem weird and uncomfortable, it’s a normal thing when dogs mate. So, how do dogs get stuck during mating, and are they in any pain?

Why do dogs get stuck during mating?

The process of a male and female dog getting stuck during the mating process is called a copulatory tie. The tie happens when the male’s bulbous gland expands keeping the dogs locked together for some time. The lock is important to keep the semen secured inside the female dog hence higher chances for pregnancy.

Copulatory tie in dogs last for around 15 to 20 minutes and only break once the male dog has ejaculated and the bulbous gland return to its normal size. It’s important to keep in mind that dogs getting stuck together during mating is normal. You shouldn’t try to separate them as it can cause injuries such as tearing of the vaginal area and internal injuries causing blood loss and pain.

How long do dogs get stuck during mating?

The copulatory tie or dogs getting stuck during mating lasts for between 15 to 20 minutes and happens when the bulbous glands expand inside the vagina keeping the pair stuck together. The tie helps secure semen inside the female dog increasing her chances to get pregnant. Sometimes, though rare, the copulatory tie can last for 30 mins.

Can you get dogs unstuck during mating

It’s advisable not to interfere with the dogs during mating, including attempting to unstuck them. Trying to forcefully separate dogs stuck during mating can cause injuries including bruising and injuring the dog’s penis and tearing of the vaginal area causing blood loss and excruciating pain. Besides, the tie will break after 15 to 20 minutes.

Is copulatory tie in dogs painful? (Do dogs feel pain when stuck together?)

Dogs mating for the first time are likely to experience pain and discomfort. They are also likely to take up positions that make them uncomfortable while others will try to forcefully unstuck themselves, hence causing pain. Disturbing dogs in a copulatory tie will also make them move around increasing discomfort and the possibility of feeling pain.

Do dogs always get pregnant when they get stuck?

YES. There is a very high possibility the mating will result in a pregnancy if the male dog ejaculates and remain stuck for 15 to 20 minutes without disturbance. Dogs getting stuck together helps keep the semen inside the female dog, which increases the chances of her becoming pregnant.

Do female dogs feel pain when mating?

Female dogs rarely feel pain or discomfort if they’re mating with a male dog of a similar breed (unless it’s their first time). However, mating between large male dogs and small female dogs can cause pain, discomfort, and is often almost impractical. Can you visualize a female chihuahua mating with a German Shepherd or English Mastiff?

Here is an explainer video of why dogs get stuck after mating. Video courtesy: AnimalWised.

Final thoughts on copulatory tie in dogs

As we have seen, dogs get stuck during mating for a reason. A copulatory tie helps keep semen inside the female dog to ensure successful mating (resulting in pregnancy). You should, however, avoid trying to separate dogs stuck during mating as it can cause pain and injuries.

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