6 Signs You Need to Get Rid of Your Dog

Dogs are the best pet a human can keep. They are loyal and their companionship may help reduce our stress levels. In return, pet dogs require undivided attention and meticulous care to live a healthy, happy life. These needs demand time and a budget for the dog’s feed and medication. 

Unfortunately, situations may arise when we cannot provide the best care to our pets. This may force you to find another home for your beloved pet. This article will list some of the signs you need to get rid of your dog.

Signs you need to get rid of your dog

Some of the clear signs you need to get rid of your dog include terminal illnesses,  injuries, aggressiveness, and when the dog does not meet your expectations. 

a). Terminal Illnesses

Terminal illnesses are irreversible health conditions that may force someone to be bedridden. When this happens, the pet owner cannot effectively take care of his dog. This will eventually make the owner hand over the dog to someone who can take care of it.

Terminal illnesses may also attack the dog itself. This means that the dog will need special care that cannot be offered when it is at home. You will therefore need to hand over the dog to a shelter that can provide special care for the dog.

b). Physical injuries

Physical injuries that may interfere with your normal routine are another sign you need to get rid of your dog. An instance could be that you recently had an incident that limit your mobility. Therefore, it is impossible to conduct basic tasks such as feeding and walking the dog. This leaves you with no option but to look for someone who can adopt the dog. 

Another scenario could be the dog has injured their limbs and this is causing you distress. When a dog is in pain, it will remain inactive and will appear to be generally unhappy. This means that you cannot engage it in fun activities but instead, you will pity the dog.

c). Insufficient time

Lack of time to spend with your dog is a clear indication you need to get rid of it. Some of us work long shifts and sometimes we have more than one job. Sometimes the job demand traveling a lot leaving us with little time to spend with our lovely dogs. Involuntarily, we find ourselves neglecting the needs of the dog that keep them happy and healthy.

d). High medical bills

Whether they are yours or for your dog, medical bills always drain the pockets. When you need medication, it is likely that your health is also in question. This also means that you are not as productive as a healthy person could be. Eventually, you will have a reduced income and it becomes difficult to take care of the dog’s expenses.

On the other hand, the dog could be draining your pocket during veterinary visits. This may not be sustainable in the long term leaving you with no option but to get rid of the dog. 

e). Aggressiveness

The dog may adopt foreign behaviors that may force you to find another home for it. These behaviors may include barking or biting other pets or people unreasonably. 

When a dog becomes aggressive, keeping it may mean causing you more harm than good. Therefore, we recommend you take aggressiveness as a sign you need to get rid of your dog.

You should also consider rehoming a dog that can’t stop nipping at visitors and children.

f). The dog does not meet your expectations

We all get ourselves pet dogs with a certain expectation in mind. Different dog breeds have specific characters that separate them from the rest. Retrievers, for instance, are known for their playful and protective nature while Doberman pinscher is known for security.

If you get a guard dog breed that does not perform its duty to your satisfaction, then this is a clear sign you need to get rid of it.

How to find the next home for your dog

I hope when you are looking for ways to get rid of your dog killing it is not included. Not only is killing a dog prohibited by regulations in the US but imagine the pain of killing a pet you are emotionally connected to. 

When you are trying to find the next home for your pet dog, you will ensure it is in the safest hands. Friends and relatives who are already familiar with the dog are your best bet. It will be easier for the dog to adapt to the new home and the new dog’s parents will understand the pet more easily.

Another option to find a new home for the dog is to approach other people who may not be close to you or the dog. This could be people in your neighborhood or nearby towns. 

You can reach people who are willing to adopt your dog by designing posters and placing them in the streets. You can also advertise with local media such as the newspapers and community radio stations. 

Animal rescue centers with foster home services can also be a good option. This is more so if the dog requires special attention.

If none of the options above works for you, you can try websites that list pets ready for adoption. An example of such a website is the Petfinder.


Will my dog miss me if I get rid of him?

A dog can miss their owner for a period of up to 3 months. Dogs get immensely attached to their owners and may never entirely get rid of your memories in their lifetime. Some dogs even find their way back to their previous owners using their sense of smell. 

What should I do before saying goodbye to my dog?

It is not easy to say goodbye to your dog. It is a very emotional situation especially if the dog tries to hold on to you. However, you can engage the dog in an activity that can make it feel comfortable in its new home. Have with you its favorite toys and other tools that can make the dog feel a familiar environment. In the meantime introduce it to its new owner and leave when a connection is established.

How do I let go of a dog I love?

You must accept that letting a dog you love go will hurt. However, like any other feeling, the hurt will fade away with time. To get rid of these feelings faster, you can get rid of items that remind you of the pet. You can also talk with someone who knew the dog well as this will ease the burden you have.