• why your hamster is not moving

    11 Common Reasons Why Your Hamster is Not Moving

    Hamsters are very active animals who enjoy running. That is why many hamster owners keep them in large cages or get running wheels for them. Unfortunately, hamsters also have some bad days. On such days, you will find the playful…

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  • why hamsters lose hair, causes for hair loss in hamsters

    9 Common Causes Why Hamsters Lose Hair (Ways To Treat it)

    Hamsters are adorable and attractive pets whose beauty can be credited to their fur. The condition in which the hamster’s hair is can be used to determine how healthy and happy your pet really is.  However, as the pet grows…

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  • why hamsters poop green, green poop in hamsters

    9 Potential Reasons Why Hamsters Poop Green

    Pet parents who have lived with their hamsters for quite some time can identify what healthy hamster droppings look like. Being stoic animals, hamsters are able to hide illnesses but by identifying changes in hamster poop you can tell when…

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  • reasons why hamsters hibernate, hibernation in hamsters

    3 Reasons Why Hamsters Hibernate (and What to Do)

    Hibernation in hamsters is a natural survival mechanism characterized by inactivity in an attempt to conserve energy. Cold and food deficiency are some of the reasons why hamsters hibernate. During hibernation, the hamster lowers its body temperature, heart rate, and…

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  • reasons why hamsters bite

    5 Reasons Why Hamsters Bite and How to Prevent It

    Hamsters are cordial rodents we all love to keep as pets in our homes. However, these adorable animals may suddenly attack us leaving the owner wondering why hamsters bite. As we all know, hamsters come from the lineage of rodents…

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  • Why do hamsters run on wheels, why hamsters run on wheels

    Why Do Hamsters Run On Wheels?

    It is almost impossible to find a hamster enclosed in a cage without a running wheel. Some cages even come with an inbuilt running wheel, suggesting how essential the tool is to rodents. This makes most pet owners curious about…

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  • everything you need to know about hamsters

    30+ Most Common Questions About Hamsters

    Hamsters are adorable little pets and are the darlings of families with young kids. These lovely pets live an average of 2-3 years, although some can live longer. To help you better understand them, we have put together a list…

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  • Types of Hamsters kept as pets

    5 Common Types of Hamsters Kept as Pets

    Hamsters are adorable and easy-to-maintain family pets. These two factors attract many first-time pet owners leaving hamsters as a common pet in most homes. However, there are many hamsters breeds that can be kept as pets making it difficult to…

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  • How to Take Care of Baby Hamsters

    How to Take Care of Baby Hamsters

    Once you realize your hamster is pregnant, you might get nervous worrying about how to keep her healthy and safe and what you must do to prepare for birth. That aside, you should also learn to take care of baby…

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  • A photo showing a hamster with amyloid infection, Amyloidosis in Hamsters

    Amyloidosis in Hamsters: Causes, Symptoms & Prevention

    Amyloidosis is a common illness among hamsters that occurs when soluble proteins combine to form insoluble fibers known as amyloid. The amyloid proteins build up throughout the body, including vital organs such as the liver and kidneys interfering with their…

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  • mange in hamsters

    Mange in Hamsters: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

    Mange in hamsters is a common infection caused by Demodex mites living in the hair follicles and skin. Most hamsters have mites but mange only comes about when there are too many mites, which overwhelms them causing health issues. There…

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