• cat breeds most prone to kidney disease

    5 Cat Breeds Most Prone to Kidney Disease

    Many of us are familiar with the phrase “cats have nine lives,” but it’s crucial to remember that they are susceptible to various health issues, much like any other pet. One such health concern is kidney disease.  Kidney disease in…

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  • causes of kidney disease in cats

    10 Common Causes of Kidney Disease in Cats

    Kidney disease is an unfortunately common affliction that affects many cats, regardless of their age or breed. Understanding the potential triggers for this condition is crucial for cat owners to be able to provide the best possible care for their…

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  • how to prevent kidney disease in cats

    7 Effective Ways to Prevent Kidney Disease in Cats

    The health and well-being of our feline friends are important to us. One of the common issues cats face is kidney disease, which is estimated to affect between 20-25% of them. As a cat owner, understanding the symptoms, causes, and…

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  • how to help a cat with kidney disease gain weight

    7 Ways to Help a Cat With Kidney Disease Gain Weight

    Kidney disease in cats is difficult to deal with, especially at an advanced stage. A cat with kidney disease may lose muscle mass and body weight due to loss of appetite and uncontrollable vomiting, which may indicate your cat is…

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  • comforting a dying cat

    5 Loving Ways to Comfort a Dying Cat

    Cats add more than just company to our homes. We form lasting bonds of love and companionship with them, which makes it hard to accept that a time will come when they will no longer be with us. While it’s…

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  • warning signs your cat is crying for help

    13 Warning Signs Your Cat is Crying for Help

    Our pets bring us so much joy, warmth, and happiness that we must understand their “silent language” and be able to tell when they need our help. Cats, in particular, can endure pain and suffering in silence without showing signs…

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  • How to Stop My Cat From Throwing Up After Eating

    How to Stop My Cat From Throwing Up After Eating

    Vomiting in cats is something common and happens due to preventable causes such as eating too fast, using dirty feeding bowls, and allergic reactions to new food. However, it is important to understand the different types of cat vomit and…

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  • When Should I Be Concerned About My Cat Vomiting

    When Should I Be Concerned About My Cat Vomiting

    If you keep a pet cat at home, chances are you’ve come across cat vomit on more than one occasion. Vomiting in cats is something normal, at least in most cases. There are different types of cat vomit, each with…

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  • Types of Cat Vomit and What It Means

    Types of Cat Vomit and What It Means

    If you have a cat, you have most likely seen it throw up at one time or another. Vomiting in cats is something common, and in most cases, you do not need to rush them to the vet. Your cat…

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  • how to tell if a cat is in pain, signs of pain in cats

    How to Tell if a Cat is in Pain (Plus Ways to Help)

    Cats are good at concealing their pain, making it difficult for owners to detect when the pet is almost dying. While in the wild, cats hide their pain from predators so they don’t seem an easy target. The same happens…

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  • Causes Of Vomiting in Cats

    9 Common Reasons Why Cats Vomit After Eating

    It is common for cats to throw up once in a while to get rid of unwanted material in the stomach. You should, however, monitor closely the frequency at which the pet vomits as it could be a sign of…

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