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  • are philodendrons toxic to cats and dogs

    Are Philodendrons Toxic to Cats and Dogs?

    Philodendrons are attractive, non-flowering houseplants admired for their thick foliage and easy maintenance. With over 200 species, you could be wondering if some species of philodendrons are toxic to cats and dogs or not. Before we look at whether or…

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  • Is Hibiscus Poisonous to Cats, Is Hibiscus Toxic to Cats, Can Hibiscus Kill Cats

    Is Hibiscus Poisonous to Cats?

    Hibiscus is a common garden shrub kept for its beautiful appearance and medicinal values. Although native to Asia, the plant can survive the harsh European and American climates. Commonly called “Rose of Sharon” or “Rose of China”, the deciduous plant…

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  • Is Basil Safe for Cats, Can Cats Eat Basil, Is Basil Good for Cats, Is Basil Toxic to Cats

    Is Basil Safe for Cats? Can Cats Eat basil?

    While keeping your lovely little pets safe and healthy is your priority, sometimes the unexpected happens and you find yourself desperately needing the help of your veterinarian. For example, there are some garden plants that can be toxic to cats…

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  • Is It Safe For Cats To Eat Catnip

    Is It Safe For Cats To Eat Catnip?

    Most cat owners are familiar with catnip but are most likely clueless when it comes to what kind of plant it is, why cats love it, and whether it has any side effects on cats. So, what type of plant…

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